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Retain Your Independence and Freedom
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Stairlifts are Safe with Highest Standards
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Difficulty Climbing Stairs
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Retain Your Independence and Freedom with an Acorn Stairlift
Acorn Stairlifts are Safe and Built to the Highest Standards
Difficulty Climbing Stairs
Just Don't Fall
"We Now Have 'Peace of Mind' Without the Fear of Falling

If you or your loved ones have difficulty with the stairs, then a stairlift can make a ‘huge difference’ in your life. Simple, safe and stylish, an Acorn Stairlift gives you the chance to fully enjoy your own home again. The freedom to move around easily and without worry makes all the difference.

With a personalized Acorn Stairlift, you can continue to enjoy your independent lifestyle. An Acorn Stairlift helps you to enjoy the full use of the upstairs and downstairs floors of your home and, most importantly, helps you with the safety of your health to prevent falling down the stairs.

Your home is a cherished part of your life, the perfect place to welcome your family and friends, to entertain, enjoy and simply relax.

An Acorn Stairlift gives you a comfortable, safe and simple solution to get up and down your stairs, to help you regain your self-reliance, your personal freedom and to make your life easier. The stairlift provides a convenient, worry-free and dependable solution to access all levels of your home without the fear of falling.

The Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift The Ultimate Stairlift

Acorn’s high-tech manufacturing facility ensures all Acorn Stairlifts are built to last, providing safe and affordable solutions for the unique needs and challenges that customers experience on the stairs.

Acorn 180 Stairlift, for a curved staircase, provides the ultimate in versatility due to its highly developed features and innovative design.

The Acorn 180 Stairlift Is the Most Innovative Stairlift In the World. A True Technological Breakthrough. The Acorn 180 Stairlift can be installed on virtually any staircase, including curves, multiple landings, and more. Each Acorn 180 Stairlift is designed and installed to your precise requirements. Acorn has invested heavily in state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, to make owning a stairlift affordable for anyone.

Acorn became the first to earn the prestigious Ease-of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation, meaning that Acorn Stairlifts were independently evaluated to be safe, comfortable and easy to use.

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Owning an Acorn Stair Lift can make an amazing difference in your quality of life, never having to worry about falling on the stairs, running out of breath while climbing stairs or avoiding your stairs altogether. Acorn Stairlifts provides a convenient and reliable solution to access all levels of your home. A stairlift could make the difference for you living comfortably in your own home without the risk of injury.

Each year millions of people fall. One out of five falls will cause a serious injury. These injuries can make it hard for a person to get around and do everyday activities. 1 in 3 seniors fall each year. Falling once doubles your chance of falling again. Most falls are a combination of risk factors. Talk to your doctor, family or health care provider to evaluate your risk of falling.

Stairlifts Help Caregiver Health

The need to provide functionality to the disabled demands the benefits of a stairlift which provides a safer alternative to holding, steadying, lifting and carrying not only for the sake of the client but the caregiver as well. This helps to avoid such things as back pain, injury and falls.


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